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The Complete Warhol LPs l Full Set of Andy Warhol Record-Sleeves to be auctioned by PIASA l Auction : June 22, 2017 - 4pm

The PIASA sale Masters: Modern & Contemporary Prints & Multiples will include a complete set of all the record sleeves Andy Warhol designed between 1946 and 1987: sixty mythical LPs that chart the musical épopée of the 20th century in the eyes of Pop Art and its leading exponent. This unique ensemble, assembled by a passionate music-lover, transports us through 40 years of musical creativity. It has never been offered at auction before.

From Classical to Pop

Andy Warhol designed his first sleeve as a young artist back in 1949, and soon began approaching record comopanies with his illustrations: he could already envisage the extraordinary visual impact these sleeves might have. Their standardized format offered a perform platform to the King of Pop Art, who transformed simple covers into visual tributes to the artiste(s) involved, designing some sixty record sleeves between 1949 and 1987 – covering every type of music, from Classical to New Wave via Jazz, Pop and Rock.

Warhol loved applying Pop Art aesthetics to record sleeves. Some of the sleeves to be offered at PIASA are signed; others had disappeared from collectors’ radar and are almost unknown. Highlights include Giant Size 1.57$ Each from 1963, containing interviews with the artists (e.g. Jim Dine, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein) involved in the exhibition The Popular Image; the mythical 1967 banana sleeve for The Velvet Underground & Nico; and Liza Minelli Live At Carnegie Hall in 1981.

Warhol Live: Music & Dance in Andy Warhol’s Work, an exhibition held at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art in 2008, retraced this amazing musical odyssey.