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  • Paris, February 2018 – PIASA’s first auction of Scandinavian Design in 2018, on February 15, yielded a total of €2.1 million. This new sale devoted to the Nordic creativity, replete with big-name masterpieces, confirms PIASA as leaders on the Design market.

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Italian Design | April 15th, 2015 - 6pm

On April 15 PIASA will pursue their exploration of international Design with a sale featuring outstanding 20th century piecesby the top names in Italian Design.

Fausto Melotti (1901-86): Ceramic Finesse
The most important work in the sale is a rare, glazed ceramic panel (1959-63) made by
Fausto Melotti in collaboration with Seregni for an architectural project by Melchiorre
Bega (est. €65,000-85,000). Melotti was both sculptor and artist and, as one of the leading
lights in Milan abstractionism, considered a precursor of Minimalism. He is reputed for
his ceramics and the finesse of his works, as further typified by his Due Corporivase
from 1954 (est. €25,000-35,000). A similar vase fetched over €40,000 at the sale of Italian
Design last November.


Important selection of Works by Piero Fornasetti (1913-88)
Echoing his imminent retrospective at the Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs, PIASA
are offering a rigorous selection of works by Piero Fornasetti. He was a painter,
sculptor, decorator and designer – as well as a printer of art books – who is credited
with over 11,000 works. From decors to costumes, furniture to exhibitions, Piero
Fornasetti created a style blending form and decoration. His theatrical approach
can be admired in his wood and brass Interno Armadioscreen (est. €6,000-8,000)
and in various tables – like his unique, hand-lacquered wooden Grand Coromandel
coffee-table with golf-leaf top (est. €25,000-30,000). Such an impressive Fornasetti
ensemble has rarely been seen at auction.