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  • PIASA will continue to chart the history of ceramics on 12 April 2018, when nearly 80 unique works by Milan’s Guido De Zan will be offered during the sale of Italian Design. The pieces come from De Zan’s personal collection, and form the first part of the auction.

  • Paris, February 2018 – PIASA’s first auction of Scandinavian Design in 2018, on February 15, yielded a total of €2.1 million. This new sale devoted to the Nordic creativity, replete with big-name masterpieces, confirms PIASA as leaders on the Design market.

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How to buy

admin 12 December 2011

Buying at our auctions is easy!


All are sales are open to the public and accessible to all, and everyone has the right to bid (according to their means, of course!).

1.    Selecting lots

There are two types of auction:
- catalogued sales, where all lots to be offered for sale are listed in a catalogue that you can obtain from PIASA or by consulting our website from around three weeks before the sale
- uncatalogued sales (ventes classiques), when it is necessary to attend the sale to know the lots

The vast majority of our sales take place at the Hôtel Drouot, located at 9 rue Drouot in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Very occasionally, our sales may be staged elsewhere, so please check our sales calendar.

Before each auction, all lots are displayed at a pre-sale viewing held in the saleroom where the auction will take place. Viewings are staged on the day before the sale (11am-6pm) and on the day of the sale (11am-noon). Auctioneers, sale officials and experts are on hand to answer questions.

A selection of the top lots from our prestige auctions are also exhibited in PIASA’s second-floor viewing rooms a few weeks before the sale.

We advise you to attend the pre-sale viewing, and to check the condition of goods before the sale. If you cannot attend the viewing, please ask a sale official to send you a detailed condition report, or photographs of details not published in the catalogue.

Sales take place in (usually) one or more sessions and usually start between 1:30-2:15pm (please check auction calendar for details)

2.    Bidding

If you have found one or more lots which interest you, there are several ways to bid for them:
- Bidding in the saleroom. This means attending the sale. You are not obliged to arrive before the start of the sale if your lot is coming up later: you may come and go from the saleroom as you wish; you may sit if there is room, or remain standing. On average, around 60 lots are sold per hour (please do not hesitate to seek information about the order of presentation for uncatalogued sales).

When your lot comes under the hammer, you need only make a small sign to the auctioneer to show your intention to bid. Bidding is conducted by logical increments: for instance, by steps of €10 for lots estimated below €100; then in steps of €20, €50 etc. Bids will continue to climb (or not); the auctioneer will naturally look at you, and you just have to agree to continue bidding, or call it a day. You may cancel any bid or misunderstanding by saying so immediately.

Attending and bidding at auction is great fun, so we invite you to give it a try! You won’t forget the saleroom buzz or the thrill of making your first bid.

If you are unable to attend the sale, you may:
- Bid by telephone: Just fill in a telephone-bidding form that you can find on our website, indicating the lots which interest you, your contact and bank account details, and including a copy of your ID and bank identity slip. You can return this by fax, e-mail or post until 24 hours before the start of the sale. Your request will then be processed by our services, and you will be sent confirmation of receipt.

During the sale, a PIASA team-member will call you on the number you have given us a few minutes before the lot which interests you is due to come up for sale. He/she will then bid during the auction according to your directions, and keep you informed of how the bidding is going. You will thus know immediately if you are the winning bidder.
- Leave a commission bid: Here again you just need to complete the form available on our website, indicating – along with your contact and bank account details, a copy of your ID and bank identity slip – which lot(s) interest(s) you, and the maximum sum you are prepared to spend. You can return the form to us by fax, e-mail or post, to be received up to 24 hours before the start of the auction. Your request will then be processed by our services, and you will be sent confirmation of receipt. During the sale, a PIASA team-member will bid on your behalf, up to the limit indicated on your commission bid form. You may, of course, obtain the lot for less than this sum in the absence of other bidders! You will be contacted shortly after the sale and informed of the results of the lot(s) which interested you.

- Bid on-line: You may also bid live from your computer. Go to the section Bidding On-line and create your own account or connect to your existing account using your log-in. You will then have access to the video broadcast of the sale, and be able to bid live as soon as the lot which interests you comes up for auction. Your bid will be taken into account, live, by the auctioneer, and you will know forthwith if you have obtained the lot. It’s a fun and easy way of taking part in our auctions!

- Aftersales:(lien vers le lexique de la rubrique Acheter à « after-sale ») If you were unable to bid during the sale, and would like to acquire an unsold lot, you may make an offer to acquire it by private treaty. PIASA then acts as an intermediary and transmits your proposal to the vendor; you will rapidly be informed of the vendor's decision. Since September 2011, aftersales have no longer been required to take place within 15 days of the auction. However, as we pay vendors 35 days after the sale, we advise you to make your offer before this period has expired.

3.    Paying for Purchases

If you are the final bidder of a lot in the saleroom, the crieur will hand you a bidding slip which will enable you to pay for and collect your purchase. If you did not buy in the saleroom, you will receive an invoice by post shortly after the sale.

You then have various possibilities to pay for your purchase(s):
- directly in the saleroom from the auction clerk; this will enable you to collect your new property immediately
- subsequently, from our accounts department, open 9am—6pm

All types of payment are accepted:
- credit card (in the saleroom/ from our accounts department)
- by cheque, upon presentation of proof of identity (in the saleroom/ from the accounts department/ or by post)
- by bank transfer (see Terms & Conditions of Sale)
- in cash (within the limits defined in our Terms & Conditions of Sale)

We would like to draw your attention to the premium added to the hammer price. This premium varies from 12-25% + tax, depending on the nature and amount of your purchase(s). We advise you to take account of this premium when bidding, so as to avoid any surprises when it comes to the final payment.

Once your purchases have been paid for, you will be given or sent a bidding slip (lien vers le lexique de la rubrique Acheter à «bordereau»), which henceforth serves as title of payment and ownership: it will be of use if the lot is re-offered for sale and/or for insurance purposes.

4.    Collecting Purchases

Equipped with your bidding slip, confirming payment, you may collect your lots in various ways, according to their size and when you choose to collect them:
- Furniture, paintings and  bulky objects sold at auction can be collected in the saleroom until 10am on the day after the sale. Thereafter they are stored at the Hôtel Drouot (Basement Level 3) at 6bis rue Rossini, 75009 Paris, open 1–5:30pm Monday–Friday and 8–10am Saturday (please be aware that storage fees can soon mount up)
- small-sized purchases can be collected from PIASA, where they are stored free of charge

You may also advise us of any special instructions before the sale.

Please note also that our services are at your disposal to arrange for your purchase(s) to be shipped (at your own expense) to any address in France or abroad.